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Special Needs

In brief our policy for 'Children with Additional/Special Needs' states that should any child have an identified Special Need the playgroup leader will liaise with the child's parents and any other relevant professionals linked with the child. The playgroup leader will plan for the child's individual development during their time at playgroup and this will be shared with the parents, other staff members and, if the child has one, the 1 to 1 worker. Observations will be taken to gauge the progress the child is making and this will be shared with the parents and any other relevant professionals that need to know on a regular basis.

If the playgroup leader and other staff feel a child could have a special need this will be discussed with the parents. The parents will be encouraged to seek advice, clarity and help from other child care professionals such as their Health Visitor.

All our Policies and Procedures, including the full 'Children with Additional/Special Needs' Policy, are available to parents in the Playgroup at all times, please speak to a member of staff for more information or contact us using the Enquiry Form on this web site.