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Aghadowey Pre-school Playgroup had an inspection by the Causeway Early Years Team, Northern Health and Social Care Trust in February 2014.

Our positive feedback included;

"During the inspection visits to the preschool all children were well motivated and continually stimulated through child friendly interactions with staff. A wide range of resources and activities were on offer and all children presented as well settled within the setting. The staff team presented as competent and professional practitioners ensuring good relationships are developed with parents and children."

The following are some of the comments made by parents;

"Excellent facility - great asset to the local community. Completely trust the staff and feel happy when my child is there."
"Aghadowey preschool is in our opinion a very organised, well run and caring playgroup. The staff are not only professional but approachable for both children and parent."
"My son is very keen to attend playgroup daily and enjoys all the activities which take place."

This report is available in the Playgroup, please speak to a member of staff for more information.


Aghadowey Pre-school Playgroup had an inspection carried out by the Early Years Team, Northern Health & Social Care Trust in February 2013.

The positive feedback from the inspecting social worker includes;

"Aghadowey Playgroup continues to provide a very valuable childcare facility to the local community which is evident in the numbers attending and feedback from parents. Having worked together for 10 years this experienced staff team collectively contribute to the implementation of the group's policies and procedures. All have had Child Protection and paediatric First Aid training and are aware of the need to update every three years. Parents are actively encouraged to feedback any concerns through questionnaires and regular formal and informal meetings. Discussion with staff indicated an awareness of Trust protocol for reporting childcare concerns."

This report is available in the Playgroup, please speak to a member of staff for more information.


Aghadowey Pre-school Playgroup had an Inspection by The Education and Training Inspectorate in January 2007.
The main strengths within the centre's educational and pastoral provision are as follows.

  • The centre has a warm, relaxed atmosphere based on very good relationships between the staff and the children. The children are settled and well behaved.
  • The organisation of the daily timetable provides a good balance between the children's freely chosen play and appropriate group activities. The daily routines are managed smoothly and are used effectively to promote a range of learning.
  • The work of the staff is a key strength of the provision. The staff are all caring and supportive; they demonstrate a high level of skill in building effectively on the children's own ideas and extending their language, thinking and learning.
  • There are good or very good opportunities to learn in most areas of the pre-school curriculum in particular, the promotion of the children's confidence and independence, language development and early mathematical ideas.
  • The staff make useful assessments of the children's progress and use this information effectively to identify and support the children's individual needs.
  • The staff give good support to children with special educational needs and they demonstrate a high level of respect and care.
  • The leader is a good role-model in her own work with the children. She fosters a strong sense of team-working among the hard working staff.
  • The centre demonstrates improvements in many areas since the last inspection.

If you would like to read the full report it can be found here; Report of an Inspection in January 2007(PDF).