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Registration, Fees and Funding

Playgroup Fees

Yearly Registration
Our annual registration fee is £25.00 per child which includes insurance for your child.
Please note this is payable by all.

Daily Session Fee
The daily session fee is £4.00 per day. When you bring your child to playgroup you book the days you wish the child to attend with the playgroup leader. The playgroup will endeavour to meet the needs of parents with regard to preferred days.
Please note fees are due even if your child is absent, you will still be expected to pay for the sessions booked as the overhead costs still have to be met.
All fees are payable one month in advance and you will receive a payment envelope which should be returned to the playgroup leader by the date stated. Fees may be paid either in cash or by cheque made payable to 'Aghadowey Pre-school Playgroup'.

Children in receipt of a funded place from the Education Board
When a child receives a funded place they are asked to subscribe the small amount of £5.00 per month to help towards playgroup costs. This can be paid by the following arrangements:

  • Pay £5.00 per month (September - June)
  • Pay £25 at the beginning of September and then pay £25 at the beginning of January
  • Pay £50 in full at the beginning of September

Parents of children in receipt of a funded place also help to supply break items on a rotational basis. This will be on display in the hallway and each parent receives an individual copy with their monthly newsletter. We also ask each family to donate a box of tissues.

Allocation of Funded Places (forms usually available in January)

Funded places offered by the pre-school expansion programme will be allocated to children in their immediate school year and to those who are resident in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission.
The playgroup will use the criteria outline by the Department of Education to allocate funded places (information listed in Open Enrolment Admissions information for Funded Pre-school Education Provision in the Voluntary and Private Sector in the NEELB Board Area.
In the event of the number of applications exceeding the number of funded places, the playgroups own criteria will be used, this is also contained in the Open Enrolment Booklet.
Responsibility for determining and applying criteria rests with the management committee.

Please Remember

If you would like more information please speak to the Leader, Mrs Charmian Hughes, or in her absence the Deputy Leader, Mrs Heather Martin.