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Our Day

Opening Times

The Playgroup is open daily Monday - Friday, 9am - 12.30pm.

Please note our insurance company does not cover children on the premises outside of playgroup hours unless for special events were they have been given prior notice.


9am - 10amFree Play
10am - 10.30amBuffet Break
10.30am - 11amFree Play
11am - 11.15amTidy Up Time
11.15am -11.30amStory Time, Rhymes, Singing
11.30am - 12 noonPhysical Play
12 noon - 12.30pmLunch

Arrival and Collection of Children

In order to adhere to the guidelines of our insurance and allow staff to prepare the playroom, no children should be arriving before 9am. Likewise all children should be collected promptly at 12.30pm to avoid unnecessary distress to your child.

Car Parking Arrangements to Ensure the Safety of All Children

The safety of everyone coming into our Playgroup has always been a priority and with this in mind, and the increase in pupils, it was felt that a car park for parents would improve the situation.

Parents are asked to park in the car parking bays at the back of the school and escort their child by the hand into the playgroup building using the new entrance beside the hedge. The car parking bays opposite the playgroup are reserved for staff only. Please note the area to the front of the Playgroup must be kept clear at all times.

School Bags

Children will require a school bag with a full change of clothes. Please remember to label all items carefully.


The uniform is a blue polo shirt and a red sweatshirt both with the playgroup logo.
These can be purchased from the playgroup, for more information and prices please speak with a member of staff.

Buffet Break

The playgroup encourages healthy eating and a buffet style break is provided during the session and children are encouraged to help themselves to a range of fresh fruit, vegetables and a variety of breads. Milk and water are also provided. A copy of the menu is displayed on the entrance board.

Key Worker System

A key worker is a member of staff who supports your child when they first come to playgroup and throughout the year. The key worker talks to each individual child about their family, pets, likes, dislikes in order to reassure them and help with the transition to playgroup. The key worker will make observations, these are used for parent interviews and to help plan for each child's development and progression.

Observations, Record Keeping and Confidentiality

In order to plan, prepare and organise for quality pre-school education, staff need to observe children at play, review and evaluate the curriculum regularly and maintain systematic records as stipulated in the Curricular Guidance for Pre-school Education (1997) D.E.N.I.

All observations/records/assessments are confidential. This information is only shared with parents/carers during parent interviews. Parents and playgroup staff can then work together to promote and encourage each individual child's learning in both the playgroup environment and at home. On some occasions information may be discussed with the EYS or Link Social Worker only to clarify best practice.

Settling In

We use the first month your child attends as a settling in period. Once staff have welcomed your child into playgroup the parents are free to leave. If your child is unsettled you are welcome to stay with them for as long as you feel is necessary. Staff will be on hand to offer support and encouragement to both you and your child. Each child will settle in their own time.

Comfort Toys

Small comfort toys are permitted for those children who are just beginning playgroup, these can be kept in their schoolbag or brought in to the main room, when the child is ready, the comfort toy can be gradually withdrawn and put into their bag.

Childhood Illnesses

Parents are asked to notify the playgroup staff if their child has been in contact with an infectious disease e.g. measles, chicken pox etc. Children suffering from such infectious diseases should be kept at home. Parents will be informed of any infectious diseases occurring in the playgroup. Please refer to the exclusion periods in the Sick Child Policy.

Child Protection

Child Protection is very important therefore should you have a query you should first speak to

The Playgroup Leader - Mrs Charmian Hughes (Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5pm) on 07708 584 046

or in her absence

The Deputy Leader - Mrs Heather Martin (Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5pm) on 07708 584 046

For any issues concerning the Leader please speak to the Committee Child Protection Person - Mrs Phyllis McGraw (Mon. - Fri. 9am - 9pm) on 07708 584046

Other important numbers are - Gateway Team (Child Protection Issues) - 028 7032 5462 or Early Years/Social Services - 028 7035 8158

Please Remember

If you have any questions, concerns or worries please speak to the Leader, Mrs Chairman Hughes, or in her absence the Deputy Leader, Mrs Heather Martin.